About Stacy

Dear Friend,

I once read "To achieve great things, we must first dream".

Fifteen years ago I had a dream that I could design clothing for you. I launched my first mesh top and hoped you would say, "Yes". You did, and my dream came true.

It seems we are women who appreciate the aesthetics of a beautiful print, the celebration of vibrant colors, the flirtiness of a feminine design and most importantly, the ease and versatility of a well fitted garment. Furthermore, we want to wear fashion-we don't want fashion to wear us.

A lot has changed in the last fifteen years for both of us. We may be raising children, running board meetings, hosting charity events or running errands, but one thing has not changed, we still want to look good. Slip on a "Sweet Pea" date top, or throw on a slouchy banded bottom top with your favorite skinny jeans and go to a matinee with your kids. Keep evolving, have it all, and wear clothes that move with you. I would love to hear from you. You are, after all, my muse and my inspiration.

You keep me dreaming.


Stacy Frati

"To achieve great things, we must first dream"- Coco Chanel